Suggestions for an African-American history essay

The advent of the African Americans, majority of whom are from the African regions and also from the Caribbean region, took place during the early 16th century when African prisoners of war, with the Europeans were bought as slaves by America. ‘Slavery in America’ therefore can be a very basic and primary topic as that kickstarts this branch of history.
You can particularize on the slavery aspect by emphasizing on such matter as the ‘Atlantic Slave trade’ or what was called the ‘Middle Passage’ stressing exclusively on the buying, selling and trading of slaves between Europe, Africa and America or rather the New World between the 15th through 19th centuries. The sheer fact that America has something called as an African-American culture owes to the fact that people of African origins were brought in as slaves across a period of nearly 3 centuries. Hence the umbrella topic of slavery can be broken into several subtopics keeping in mind the convenience of the writers.

  • The Antebellum period
    Slavery became more entrenched an institution in America, more so in the Southern States. As a result within a course of a couple of years, the North and South were found to be at loggerheads with each other over the institution of slavery, so much so that the South were willing to separate itself from the Union and raged a war against the North. That was how the American Civil War started. A turning point in American history was this war. The Civil war offers you a plethora of issues to choose from, keeping in mind the African-American aspect of it. A few suggestive would be:
    1. How was slavery responsible for the cause of war?
    2. Contemporary African-American literature during the Civil war.
    3. The Antebellum Period
  • Culture
    A lot was also brought in by the African-Americans that later became a part of the whole American culture. Such includes music and dance forms like the Reggie, Jazz, Bebop, etc. each of which could serve as an individual topic or under a broader topic of Afro-American culture asking the students to enumerate on them by also including the respective historical background.
  • Literature
    Literature again can be either set as a broader topic or as a separate topic in the sense that the latter means topics on particular novels or memoirs or authors or poets. This would offer a lot to write on and it would be expected of the students to do a concrete study of the whole before embarking on it.
  • Others
    Other topics can include the Civil Rights Movement, of course, which is an essential event in American history. Important figures in Afro-American history can serve as topic for a history essay online in its own realm covering important figures like Solomon Northup, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X , etc.