Advice on how to write a rhetorical analysis essay on Gettysburg address

There are historic political addresses by famous people and then there are addresses that make politicians famous. The Gettysburg address by Abraham Lincoln is a bit of both. When writing about the Gettysburg address, you can rampantly veer into several aspects that President Lincoln touched while making the speech. A host of scholars have analyzed and interpreted the address in every context and made it out as one of the best known speeches that America has seen in its democratic history.
The one great reason the address was hailed as one of the best known addresses in history is the way in which President Lincoln defined the merits of a national purpose and there have been no secondary causes that have stood above this one binding theme. Scholars believe that this address was able to reshape the history of independent America in many different ways.

  • Two minutes of equality
    In not more than more minutes, Abraham Lincoln recounted the driving principles and the need for human equality. Much of the American dream that we know of today has been built on the same principles of equality and liberty for all.
  • Declaration of Independence
    The address begun with the iconic phrase that depicted the time for which America had then been an independent nation – the year 1776 was the year of Declaration of American Independence. The representative democracy that America had then was the result of the sacrifices the nation made during the Civil War.
  • Battle of Gettysburg
    The address has the historic significance of location – Gettysburg is a place where several soldiers were buried and there have been several references of the place in the history of the Civil War. This is one of the most important parts of the entire context behind this speech as well. You will note how the speech has been edited in some parts to suit the interests of different parties.
  • The American dream connect
    It is not often that the Gettysburg address by President Lincoln gets mentioned in notes about the American dream. But it is worth noting that the points highlighted by President Lincoln in the address are the same points that have been repeatedly highlighted in the tenets of the American dream as well.
  • Hope and liberty
    The Gettysburg address was full with references on hope and liberty. These were the two basic things that kept the earliest Americans going strong in trying and desperate times. In your essay, write how the address made out hope from nowhere for people. Most essayists have done the same. On the other hand, you can buy essay online and save your time and energy that would be spent on writing if you do it on your own.