Writing a Position Argument Essay: Confederates

As a general rule, history has always been written by the victors, and the actual facts and occurrences get muddled up with time. This creates a lot of confusion when one is trying to write an essay, especially on a sensitive topic like the Confederates. You need to gather sufficient content before you begin writing your paper and organize the material in such a way that you face no trouble later on. A position argument paper is tricky for a variety of reasons but by following the tips and tricks given below you can produce an effective paper on the subject of Confederates. Keep in mind that you can always order a custom essay to save your time and effort.

  • Be attentive and flexible
    You must address both positions in your argument before you can decide which is the suitable response. Your thesis and premise will help you understand what the proper choice is. To write a good Confederates essay, you must be persuasive, fair and thorough in your research. You should also keep an eye out for facts or statements that are partially subjective in nature; these bring down the quality of your work, and affect the readers' view on the Confederates topic.
  • Do not get carried away
    It is possible that you might sometimes get so carried away with your own belief system regarding the Confederates issue in history that do no think there are other people out there, like your professors, who are intolerant towards logic fallacies. You need to keep the tone of your paper, the voice, and your readers in mind, especially on a topic as controversial as the Confederates. There is always a possibility that emotions might run high and the sense of logic might get skewed in the process. Avoid that; learn to acknowledge the opposing stance and try to address the troublesome and erroneous points raised by it. Make sure you never use first or second person when writing your paper. The tone of the paper should never appear superior, condescending, or degrading to the readers. Be diplomatic – your paper should convince rather than offend.
  • How to structure your Confederates paper
    • Start with the introduction which needs to include the thesis or the premise on which the thesis is based. You sometimes require more than single paragraph. Make sure that the introduction section is interesting enough to hook readers.
    • In the body, you could justify your premise if you think it was too controversial. Any claim you make regarding the subject of Confederates needs to be properly supported with the right kind of proof, such as statistics, facts, anecdotes, personal experience and research. Remember, it is important that you address both the sides before you can focus on the position you have selected, which means adapting a contrast and comparison format.
    • The conclusion part of your position argument paper on Confederates restates the thesis and offers possible solutions for improvement or corrections in the subject matter.